DL-180C 2-13 PARENT OR GUARDIAN CERTIFICATION FORM PRINT NAME OF MINOR LEARNER S PERMIT NUMBER I hereby certify that this minor applicant has completed at least 65 hours of supervised practical driving experience including except for a motorcycle permit applicant 10 hours of nighttime driving and 5 hours of inclement weather driving. This behind-the-wheel experience was given by a licensed driver s 21 years of age or older. Completion of a Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program basic rider...
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Hi and welcome back here is the still MS 180c chainsaw again what I do want to mention in this video is that it has a non adjustable carburetor so that means there are no screws to set the carburetor width it has however one screw to set the idle speed and it's located right here there's a little hole right here in the handle and that little hole there is to insert a flat screwdriver tiny screwdriver so to address your carburetor you need a small screwdriver like this next step would be to insert it through the hole in the handle and into the plastic hole over here you can see that when it goes through the handle here it's got to go through the hole of the grey plastic over there and then just insert it down until you feel the screw it's a slotted screw and once you've got it locked in you can either turn counterclockwise to make it idle slower or turn it clockwise to make it idle faster so it's the only adjustment on this saw that there is I'll just take the cover off and show you the carburetor quickly so on the left side of the saw you see the carburetor there are no adjusting screws whatsoever on that side and there aren't any on this side as well so like I mentioned earlier the only thing you can do is set your idle speed on these saws the reason they've done this apparently is for emissions regulations I don't know how true that is but apparently this is a why they did that and also I guess when you could adjust your carburetor in the past people would adjusted themselves so this makes it where there's no adjustments made by the consumer but I guess as long as your saw runs good it's not a big deal